Team PNEC wins Communications Award at SEMA 2017

For the year 2016-2017, Team PNEC NUST designed and fabricated, from scratch, two fuel efficient vehicles for participation in the two event categories.

Our Prototype Category Car (Nawah) weighs only 75Kg, and uses CNG as its primary fuel source. Nawah also has the honor of being Pakistan’s only CNG Operated Vehicle at Shell Eco Marathon 2017.

Our UrbanConcept Car (Rebolt 2.0) weighs in at 120Kg and uses gasoline as its primary fuel source.

In order to promote our message of the importance of Fuel Efficiency for a Greener Future, Team PNEC NUST organizes campaigns and public appearances throughout Pakistan, taking our cars and our message to educate the public.

In 2016, we organized numerous Roadshows (at public places like Port Grand, Karachi, Ocean Mall, Karachi etc.), partnered with Schools as part of our Eco-School Initiative and were featured on numerous TV channels in recognition of our feats.

For these efforts, Team PNEC NUST was awarded the 1st Prize in the Off-Track Communications Award Category amongst over 120 Teams from 30 countries of the world during the SEM-A Competition held at Singapore from 14th to 19th March 2017.

Team PNEC NUST proudly calls itself #TeamPakistan and is proud to have not only represented the country but also won an award at one of the biggest International Competitions in the World.