What we do


We design and fabricate light weight, eco-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles. Our cars are designed to the highest of specifications with intricate attention to detail to ensure maximum fuel efficiency in a light weight chassis that performs in the toughest of situations. They are some of the most fuel efficient vehicles in the country with mileages of up to 76 Km/l.


Our Team participates in the coveted Shell Eco Marathon Asia (SEMA) organised each year by Shell Motor Oils Ltd along with other International and National Level competitions. Our vehicles have had the honor of being amongst the Top 15 most fuel-efficient vehicles in all of Asia since 2009.


We were the first Team from Pakistan to participate in any International Motor-Vehicle related competition, and are currently the oldest International Student Team in the country. Having won numerous International and Local Awards over the years we currently hold the honor of being the only  Team from the country to participate in Shell Eco Marathon Europe (SEME).

About us


Social Campaigns

National Outreach

Our Team partners with schools, universities, and other organizations to organize Mall Shows, Seminars and Lectures across Pakistan to educate people about the importance of preserving our environment.


A National Tree Plantation Campaign organized by the Team. We have partnered with organizations from all over the country to initiate a movement that works towards creating a sustainable Pakistan while teaching the general public about the importance of Trees in our environment.

Don’t be Fuel’ish

Don’t be Fuel’ish is a National Online communications drive to promote the importance of fuel efficiency. The campaign offers tips to reduce fuel comsumption as well an an online pledge which encourages people to promote the Cause in their own local circles.

Creative Pakistan

We believe that empowering the youth with education is the only way forward. ‘Creative Pakistan’ is a National Competition which inspires students from across the country to ‘Think Green’ , ‘Capture Green’ and ‘Draw Green’ so that they may lead the way to our dream of a Greener Pakistan.


Team Heads

Afira Ali Chishty

Marketing & Communications Manager

Haroon Waseem

Team Manager

Ahmad Anis

Technical Manager

Shell Eco-Marathon is a great platform. Leading a full-time project, meeting deadlines and working late night tested my limits. But in the end, it was worth it to represent Pakistan on an international forum.

Ayesha Sipra

Team Manager 2015-16

I am what I am today because of this team. The hard work, the dedication and most importantly, the experience taught to me by the Team is what I’ll take with me everywhere I go, and will share with others.

Adeel Ali Khan

Manager Marketing 2015-16

Latest News

Team PNEC wins Communications Award at SEMA 2017

For the year 2016-2017, Team PNEC NUST designed and fabricated, from scratch, two fuel efficient vehicles for participation in the two event categories. Our Prototype Category Car (Nawah) weighs only 75Kg, and uses CNG as its primary fuel source. Nawah also has the honor of being Pakistan’s only CNG Operated Vehicle at Shell Eco Marathon […]

Earth Keeping Day 2016

Keeping in mind the threat posed to our environment by our unsustainable habits, Team PNEC NUST organised an Earth Keeping Day on the 22nd of March, 2016 to promote the importance of preserving our environment and to highlight the small tasks each individual can do to do our bit for the planet. The day included […]

Introducing US

Team NUST is a student run car manufacturing society that designs and fabricates fuel efficient cars in order to participate in Shell Eco Marathon Asia (SEMA) each year. Days and nights aren’t defined for those of us who’re in the team. If anyone’s looking for us, stop by at the lab at 4am, or check […]


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