Earth Keeping Day 2016

Keeping in mind the threat posed to our environment by our unsustainable habits, Team PNEC NUST organised an Earth Keeping Day on the 22nd of March, 2016 to promote the importance of preserving our environment and to highlight the small tasks each individual can do to do our bit for the planet.

The day included different activities that helped inculcate habits in tomorrow’s generation that would be beneficial not only for the world but also for generations to come.

One of the major activities was that the students of NUST-PNEC helped paint a wall with a modern touch on the classical Truck Art design which is a very intricate part of Karachi’s heritage. The activity aimed to reclaim a previously unused area of the University so that it may be re-used as well as serve as a reflection of our culture and heritage. The Team was assisted by its Nelson Paints – its official Out Reach Partners.

Truck Art at Earth Keeping Day!

Hours of planning and days of hard work, proved to be a success thanks to all those who participated in order to make the Truck Art possible. This short clip covers how the walls of NUST PNEC were given a new life owing to the artistic engineering students present right here. #EarthWise #EngineersCanPaint #TeamNUST #TeamPakistan #SEM2017

Posted by Team PNEC-NUST, Shell Eco-marathon on Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Besides this, the Team introduced a recycling campaign at the University. They arranged specified containers for different types of materials that would be sent off for recycling at the end of each month. The Day included many other activities that helped promote the Team’s goal of eco-friendliness and achieving a truly sustainable society.

The event was inaugurated by Rector of National University of Sciences and Technology, Engineer Muhammad Asghar, who encouraged the students to promote such ideas in the future as well.